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Ooh! A comment!

Posted in Politics on September 24th, 2004

Casey was had some serious thoughts about my “No on 36” stance, and I felt I should bring them out here for a little discussion.

You make some good points, but you should look at the larger picture. Let me explain:

What is the basis upon which homosexuality hangs its hat? It’s the assumption that being gay is a natural predisposition to being attracted to the same sex. Okay, whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant. But if we say that it’s okay for homosexuals to marry based upon this predisposition, what do we say to someone who says they’re predisposed to being attracted to children? How about someone who says they have a predisposition to a group of people? After all, they were born that way, right? Well, maybe so, maybe not. But we’re talking about what our Constitution should say about being the best marriage institution for Oregon. Read on…

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Google is recruiting

Posted in Geekery on September 24th, 2004

For those that may not have seen this published in your favorite magazine:

Excerpts from the GLAT: Google Labs Aptitude Test

4.) You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. There is a dusty laptop there with a weak wireless connection. There are dull, lifeless gnomes strolling about. What dost thou do?

  • A) Wander aimlessly, bumping into obstacles until you are eaten by a grue.
  • B) Use the laptop as a digging device and tunnel to the next level.
  • C) Play MPoRPG until the battery dies along with your hopes.
  • D) Use the computer to map the nodes of the maze and discover an exit path.
  • E) Email your resume to Google, tell the lead gnome you quit and find yourself a whole different world.

9.) This space left intentionally blank. Please fill it with something that improves upon emptiness.

18.) What’s the coolest hack you’ve ever written?

Oh, alas and alack that I am not a programmer!