June 2022


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11 years or 130K miles

So, waaaaay the heck back in 2011 I bought a 2009 Subaru Outback with 62K miles on it, replacing a Kia Optima that had enough engine problems to make it an upside-down trade, but I got a solid car in the process. And I’d been wanting another Subaru for years, having had one as my first freedom-wheels back in high school, so I thought it was great all-around.

The Subie

It took me longer than I wanted it to, but I eventually paid it off. Along the way, the poor thing got side-swiped by some idiot turning left into a business from the lane to my right on a one-way street. Just about the time I was planning to use the money he gave me to fix the bodywork, a bolt backed it’s way out of the torque converter in the transmission and started chewing it’s way through the engine block. Luckily I had cash for repairs…

A couple years ago I started thinking maybe it was time for a new car, but the market wasn’t right yet – nothing really appealed to me yet, and without a solid incentive, I just couldn’t justify it to myself – so I bought a bike instead :D

Time has moved on, however, and certain developments finally made it a good time to buy something new. What with the dangers of global warming (fuck this ‘climate change’ crap, I call it what it is), I figured it was time to get out of the gasoline-drinking car lifestyle and go electric. So in August of 2021, I put an order in for a Tesla Model Y – in Blue, to match the bike ;)

The original estimated delivery date was late November / December, but that quickly got pushed into January 2022. It held there for a bit and I got distracted and wasn’t watching it, but shortly after Musk announced the deal for selling a bunch of Model 3’s to Alamo my delivery estimate slid out to March.

From there it drifted around, until finally it settled down into late May, which I was actually pretty good with, considering I had a week off of work first week of June. Maybe I’d be able to do a road trip or something?

Well, life came along and Tolerant got laid low with a bout of the ‘Rona the last week of May, so I wasn’t that distraught when the delivery date slipped out another week. Eventually, however, it arrived!

Considering how things work for our household, though, that meant it was time to let the Subaru go on to a new owner. Tesla gave us a pretty low-ball offer for trade-in, and I can’t really blame them what with the dinged-up door, but I wanted more out of it so I put her up on the Interwebs. I didn’t have a lot of patience for chasing the maximum payout for selling her, so I basically talked the first person to test drive it into a price I could live with and called it good.

So 130 thousand miles later, Sheila the Subaru Outback has moved on to a new owner.

One reply to “11 years or 130K miles”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    Sheila was a solid set o’ wheels and make no mistake. A few foul-weather rather hairy commutes would’ve been hairier in some lesser vehicle.