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A couple game recommendations

Posted in Life on May 19th, 2020

Stuck at home? Need to burn a few hours a day? I’ve got a couple entertaining games for you.

Cat Quest

Reminiscent of all those old SNES games that I never played because of tiny town origins, this is a happy little run-around-and-smack-everything game with just enough plot to keep things moving.

It is also chock-a-block with cuteness and cat puns. The wife says the sequel is a good buy as well.


I also missed out on MYST and similar games when they came out, and if you like puzzles, dramatic vistas, and don’t mind losing a few hours of sleep due to “I just need one more butterfly”-itis, then HOB is a game for you.

The scenery is just gorgeous, and the team created several spectacular vistas for you to “collect” (there’s a special game mechanic for ‘stand on this spot and press X to check out this view!’).

Like the classic platformers, you spend most of the game running around and jumping from various bits of scenery to others, missing, falling flat on your face and respawning to go at it again.

I tend to play games kinda linearly, but this one kind of lends itself to wandering off on side quests without messing up the story. I actually stopped at the pre-boss save point to go back and collect stuff I had missed.

Well worth the money.

Charge those controller batteries and go forth!