December 2010


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The Sunday following

Posted in Life, Pubcrawl!, Reviews on December 5th, 2010

9:30am. Breakfast with the lovely Illyana at Holman’s. (A great little dive, by the way; you should check it out on a day when I’m not going to be there – I like it quiet.)

11:30am. Left the restaurant and called my insurance company – and got the “please call back during business hours” message. I called back again, and this time impersonated a clinic and got into the automated system, which then confirmed I am eligible for lenses and frames; no idea on the value thereof. Went to the mall.

Noon. Saleslady confirmed that I indeed have a hardware credit available and priced things out for me – both sets of frames I chose fell under the coverage limit, but the lens options I wanted would bring the total up to $169. Money well-spent, I figure. It’ll take 10 days to get them though.


This is where I give some mad points to Binyon’s: they offered to give me a pair of “loaner” lenses to use until my ordered lenses come in. This is extremely cool, because it involved them throwing away a set of basic lenses – it’s not like anyone else will have my exact ‘scrip, so they won’t be able to re-use the lenses.

So, either they are very cool about this, or the lenses and two hours’ worth of technician time to grind and fit them is really a lot cheaper than they want us to think it is. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time and say they’re cool.

Noon to 2:00pm. Wandered ’round the mall killing time while Binyon’s built my glasses.

2:00pm. Picked up my new glasses. I be stylin’ now. Once my eyes get used to the change in ‘scrip, I’ll be able to see a little better. Now time to vacate the mall because I have spent far too long there for one day.

5:00-8:00pm. Office Holiday Party at Uptown Billiards. Food was good, table arrangement in the party room is still poor – one of the pool tables is pushed too far to one side to allow for a dartboard, and wouldn’t you know it, half our group ended up hanging out on the narrow side of the room and were constantly being asked to step aside for a pool shot. I expect a little better out of a pool hall. The Boss stole all of my blackjack mojo, and I ended up just breaking even this year.

Saturday needed help, but the weekend turned out ok.

A fine Saturday

Posted in Life on December 5th, 2010

9:30am. Got up to get breakfast (yay for Lazy!)

10:30am. Some light shopping, got the car washed, stopped at Wendy’s for a quick bite.

1:30pm. Discovered I had missed getting into the bank by 31 minutes.


Continue shopping.

3:00pm. Get home, pull shades off of glasses and notice that the left arm is out of position. Inspect carefully, left arm of glasses falls off.


Run upstairs, make calls. My regular eye doctor is booked, but I can sneak into Binyon’s at the mall at 4:00, and they take my insurance. Print new insurance card and run to appointment.

6:00pm. Sales lady at Binyon’s informs me that my insurance company’s servers are down, so they have no idea what the dollar amount of my benefits are, please try back tomorrow.


On the good-news side of all this is the fact that my current glasses are frameless with super-light lenses, so I can still wear them with only one arm, provided I don’t move my head too quickly.