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A live-action Bebop?

Posted in Geekery on June 30th, 2009

So there has been apparently some traction in the area of making Cowboy Bebop into a live-action flick. First announcement was that Fox Studios bought the rights and had a director, second announcement is that Keanu Reeves will take on the role of Spike Spiegel, mysterious man-of-action and partner to Jet Black.

This annoys me. On a number of levels.

First, let’s face it – they’re going to fuck it up. The chances of Fox taking on a movie like this and doing it any justice at all is so minimal as to be a statistical error.

Second, they put Reeves in as Spike. Now, if you look at pictures of Ted (Theodore) Logan and compare them to snaps of Spike, there is definitely a resemblance. Okay, I’ll give you that. But then there’s the fact that Keanu can’t fucking act. I realize that Spike isn’t the most emotive of characters, but let’s face it – he’s just a happy-go-lucky guy. Keanu acts woodenly because that’s all he’s got. Whoever they cast as Faye Valentine is going to have a helluva time carrying the movie on her tits.

I think one of the most terrifying things, however, are the Keanu-fanboy boards. I ran across one earlier today that spun the hell out of it and was trying very hard to give the impression that Reeves was actually in charge of and the driving force behind this project.


You know how this went down? Someone at Fox managed to get the rights and tossed the project at one of the directors in their stable. Director sat down with a writer and pitched ideas back and forth. Then they watched a few episodes to get an idea of what the fuck they were talking about. The writer passed the spliff to the director and said “y’know (koff koff), we should get Reeves for Spike (koff).” So the director calls up Reeves and offers him the role, to which Reeves responds, “Whoa. Yeah.”

$Diety save this project.

Aww, sonuva crap.

Posted in Geekery, Life on June 27th, 2009

The crime scene: the living room floor.
Description of event: came downstairs to feed the cats on my way to work and discovered:

      1.) Laptop power transformer cord on the floor almost to the kitchen. When last seen, it had been plugged into both said transformer brick and the wall outlet 7 feet away.
      2.) My Toshiba laptop, upside-down on the floor in front of the bookshelf it normally rests on top of.

Normally, the laptop sits on the top of my 7′ tall bookshelf as the only available horizontal surface in the living room unlikely to be covered with cat hair and the only place where the laptop is unlikely to become a cat pedestal. The power transformer sits in the corner of the windowsill, which is another handy horizontal surface midway between the nearest outlet and the top of the bookshelf.

Possible cause: I’m guessing that a certain gray mackerel tabby named Trouble Underfoot managed to get his tail (which is semi-prehensile and, we suspect, owner of a brain all it’s own) wrapped up into the cords as he jumped off of the windowsill, in the process pulling the laptop off of the bookshelf.

Partly my fault, as I had been in the habit of leaving the laptop a) running, b) charging, and c) perched kitty-corner on the shelf for best cooling airflow.

In any case, I think the poor beastie may be dead. Every time I press the power button, I get a different response, ranging from I get a power LED and nothing else up to allowing me to enter my login password before it freezes up. Popping the main panels off and re-seating all the connectors I could find hasn’t done much with it, the next step will be to completely dis- and re-assemble it.

Luckily, this is a Toshiba laptop and it was assembled with completely sane Phillips-head screws instead of some esoteric design I have never seen before. They even went so far as to make use of only 3 sizes of screws – One about a centimeter long that holds almost everything in, a tiny one for tight places, and a stainless steel one on a couple add-in cards.

Wish me luck…

From the WTF?!? department:

Posted in Life on June 23rd, 2009

Just how the hell did a search for “jock itch purell” bring someone to my blog?

I’m scared.

Because not only did it bring them here, IT’S THE TOP FUCKING SEARCH! Over and above the Exchange repair articles that have held the top search gold for months.


Recognition – I has it

Posted in Politics, Work on June 23rd, 2009

So the Bossman takes a moment this morning to read my response to La Grenouille to the entire crew at our weekly meeting. Said crew makes approving noises, and then Bossman slides a fifth of Captain Morgan’s Private Reserve across the table at me.

I love my job.

Catching up

Posted in Life on June 22nd, 2009

Hmmm… let’s see what the old dog has been up to…

Went to Katie O’Brien’s for breakfast with Tolerant and the Snake Boy, and I found myself tapping my fingers along to the music they had playing. I was certainly not expecting it, but sure as shit, they were playing “Bad Dog, No Biscuit” off of the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack.

Japanese anime Bebop Jazz in an Irish bar. Who’da thunk it?

Planning for the tourney season has gone a bit wonky this year, as the Chef has decided to depart for greener pastures, and half the kitchen gear goes with him. Tolerant found us a deal on a new 8′ pop-up, but it’s from an on-line retailer who says they had one blue, one green and several orange units for sale. I asked for blue, but we’re taking bets on the end result – odds are leaning toward orange.

Work has been crazy the past couple of weeks – and it certainly hasn’t helped that I’ve been dealing with La Grenouille out at the winery for a good chunk of it. Damn little prick won’t drop an argument that he lost a week ago. I wrote him the polite rebuttal earlier (instead of telling him to fuck off and drop it already) and let his reply to that sit in my inbox for a couple of hours before curiosity got the better of me. What did the little frog say? “OK, thanks.”

That’s it? Fucker.

Speaking of other things work-related, construction continues on the new offices, and they finally got the sheet rock up in my new office – which is half the size of my current office. The downgrade is a bummer because I lose my personal lab space – I had a spare desk in the back of my office I would use for extra workspace when I needed it. Oh well. Bossman has mentioned before that if we ever got enough business concentrated between downtown and the East Side, it would be worth maybe opening a second office. Now I just have to get the sales guy out of the Winery-and-Country-Club circuit and onto the Lawyer-and-Commercial-House circuit.

Forget it. I hate lawyers too much, and I’ve heard bad things about them.

Time for bed, more next time – probably next month, at this rate. :)