June 2009


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Catching up

Hmmm… let’s see what the old dog has been up to…

Went to Katie O’Brien’s for breakfast with Tolerant and the Snake Boy, and I found myself tapping my fingers along to the music they had playing. I was certainly not expecting it, but sure as shit, they were playing “Bad Dog, No Biscuit” off of the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack.

Japanese anime Bebop Jazz in an Irish bar. Who’da thunk it?

Planning for the tourney season has gone a bit wonky this year, as the Chef has decided to depart for greener pastures, and half the kitchen gear goes with him. Tolerant found us a deal on a new 8′ pop-up, but it’s from an on-line retailer who says they had one blue, one green and several orange units for sale. I asked for blue, but we’re taking bets on the end result – odds are leaning toward orange.

Work has been crazy the past couple of weeks – and it certainly hasn’t helped that I’ve been dealing with La Grenouille out at the winery for a good chunk of it. Damn little prick won’t drop an argument that he lost a week ago. I wrote him the polite rebuttal earlier (instead of telling him to fuck off and drop it already) and let his reply to that sit in my inbox for a couple of hours before curiosity got the better of me. What did the little frog say? “OK, thanks.”

That’s it? Fucker.

Speaking of other things work-related, construction continues on the new offices, and they finally got the sheet rock up in my new office – which is half the size of my current office. The downgrade is a bummer because I lose my personal lab space – I had a spare desk in the back of my office I would use for extra workspace when I needed it. Oh well. Bossman has mentioned before that if we ever got enough business concentrated between downtown and the East Side, it would be worth maybe opening a second office. Now I just have to get the sales guy out of the Winery-and-Country-Club circuit and onto the Lawyer-and-Commercial-House circuit.

Forget it. I hate lawyers too much, and I’ve heard bad things about them.

Time for bed, more next time – probably next month, at this rate. :)

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