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I don’t wanna grow up

Posted in Life on September 22nd, 2004

With Pookie’s birthday coming up this weekend, it was time to do a little shopping of the fun kind. Now, like most kids, she wants something off of almost every commercial on Cartoon Network, but I really dislike most of those toys. There just doesn’t seem to be any life or creativity in them.

Just on the off chance I might find something cool for her, I went down to the local Toys-R-Us and wandered around aimlessly for almost an hour. Sure, there’s stuff in there she wants, but nothing I’d really like to get her with the exception of a big box of Legos. Fortunately, there was a better answer.

Down on Hawthorne St., just west of Noah’s Bagels is a shop called Kids At Heart Toys. It’s a little small, but they have a good selection of stuff aimed at ages infant-to-8 or so. Lots of little wooden toys, with quite a selection of miniature-house furnishings. For the older kids, they have some science toys, a fun selection of ‘spy’ gear, and even Erector sets. (Yay! I want one!) They even have a huge selection of rubber snakes :)

What I got for Pookie is even cooler. First, I had to get her another marble race set – this one has plastic tube pieces that snap together with two spiral ramps and a vortex. She already has a wooden set, but she has a hard time with it because she knocks it around too much. Pookie can’t exactly sit still, y’know. This one should stay together for her.

I also got her a cool book of velvet marker drawings with a zipper-pouch of markers. The whole thing is spiral-bound, so she can take it with her and do it in the car or back-and-forth between here and her mom’s house. Having the velvet will help her get a better handle on her coordination, I think, and she loves to draw and color.

The best part about this shop though is the staff of friendly folks who are amazing gift-wrappers. I’m no slouch in the wrapping department, but these gals can do wonders with handmade ribbon bows. It’s almost a shame to open them up! The wrapping is free, but drop a couple bucks in the tip jar, folks – we should all support the arts where we find them :)