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Last word

Posted in Politics on September 23rd, 2004

I’ve seen alot of bumper stickers and posters going both ways on the subject, and I thought I’d officially voice my opinion one last time.

In 40 days, Oregonians will have the opportunity to vote on the adoption of Constitutional Amendment 36, which would once and for all define ‘marriage’ as a “one man, one woman” situation, I.E., no same-sex marriages or other spousal recognition for same-sex couples in our state Constitution.

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Dear frelling (Diety of Choice)

Posted in Humor on September 23rd, 2004

Fleshlight – The #1 Male Masturbation Adult Sex Toy

Yeah, there’s an angle for you – combine sex with tools. Ugh.

On stupidity

Posted in Humor on September 23rd, 2004

I went to follow a link off of /. to a New York Times article today, and was re-directed to their registration page. Many on-line news sources are trying to get their users to provide personal information in an effort to increase their advertisership in some form or another. It is largely a useless endeavor, however, since so many folks like myself want no part of it and provide false information.

Having run into this sort of thing countless times, I promptly entered a username of ‘blah’ and email address of ‘blah-at-blah-dot-com’.

Already in use? Okay, we’ll try ‘blahblah’. No? How about blah1blah? at Maybe blah……

It finally got down to a username of blahblah623 with email at

That’s right, folks – 622 previous registrants had given false info. That doesn’t even take into account the other stuff they asked for, like birth year, salary and job title. (I’m now the CEO of a computing/networking firm pulling down $150k+ a year *smirk*)

Ya wonder if they’ll ever get a clue. Probably not.

Password is ‘blahblah’, by the way :)

Points for Arnold

Posted in Politics on September 23rd, 2004

Being that I don’t live in California, I haven’t had much of an opinion about how ‘Herr Gropenfuhrer’ is doing as a Governor, but today I can say ‘well done!’

I heard on the news that Arnie has vetoed a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain a Cali driver’s license. His reasoning behind the veto is that a DL is a gateway document that leads to other forms of ID. Much like some researchers say marijuana use leads to more serious drugs, a DL is often used as legal ID for obtaining other forms of ID, which can lead to an immigrant being granted jobs or services normally reserved for true citizens.

Arnold has quite effectively said “look at me and where I am today. I am an immigrant to this great nation, and have made it all the way to Governor. You too can work for and achieve this accomplishment, but you have to go through proper channels and procedure.

Good work, Mr. Governor.