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Posted in Media on September 7th, 2004

For those of you with access to a cable feed, Spike TV is having a CSI marathon this week, so all of us here at chez Wolfie are in hog heaven. I threw a Labor Day barbecue yesterday, and we all sat around watching tv and snarking where appropriate.

Greyduck, however, has once again proved that his Geek-Fu is strong, since we are also recording as many episodes as we can on one of the upstairs workstations. We’ll be able to burn them onto a VCD for watching in the DVD players for those days when there’s nothing on.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough episodes to cover all of them. TV sucks.

Back in the garage again

Posted in Geekery on September 7th, 2004

I picked up another contract gig for this Thursday, and thought it would be a good idea to drag along a laptop just in case something goes wrong, and Greyduck was kind enough to loan me the laptop he’s had lying around the house. This one doesn’t have a battery, so nobody has been using it.

I had to dump Windoze2k back into it, since the stuff I’ll be using it for requires it, but other than that it ain’t so bad – provided I don’t need to do any serious number-crunching with it. This thing is slow. I spent about 3 hours installing the OS, patching the OS and getting the video drivers to work. (A slight hiccup in the ATI mobility drivers thought it was supposed to be using the TV out connector instead of the panel display.)

So, what was one of the first tests I ran with it? Seeing how much signal I have down in the garage at my smoking table. 64% strength, 73% quality if you must know the details.