June 2004


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You can’t take the skies from me

Posted in Media on June 24th, 2004

Yes! The official website is now live for the upcoming movie Serenity based on Joss Whedon’s (now defunct) Firefly television series.

Join the Browncoats and earn points good for movie swag? Why the hell not. Earn more points by shamelessly plugging the movie in my blog? Do I hafta? (I will however draw the line at sending invite emails to my pals, for the sake of saving them from spam inundations.)

(Of course, the bastard who was smart enough to make the /. post is rolling in points right now.)

So, if you’re of a mind, feel free to click the hell out of the above link and earn me movie swag.


Posted in Miscelleny on June 24th, 2004

Let’s see, what’s going on in the world?

I’m pretty damn bored right now. Got up early to work the 6-2 shift, but the phone isn’t ringing.

Microsoft has once again filed a silly patent application, this one for using the body’s skin as a data bus. Like I really want that kinda tickle while listening to my music.

Scaled Composites ran an almost completely successful manned test flight to the edge of space – they say they lost attitude control during descent for a brief period. fixable, I’m sure, but it probably freaked the pilot pretty good.

I’m still bored.