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Just for the halibut…

Posted in Humor on June 15th, 2004

For no good reason (but several silly ones), here’s Lilith’s Speed-Dating Quiz, in the tradition of the original posted here.

1.) What kind of relationship are you looking for? Long term or Casual? Poly or Monogamous? Kinky or Vanilla?
Casual, Poly, vanilla with kinky sprinkles on top.

2.) Favorite authors?
Harlan ellison, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson, David Weber…the list goes on.

3.) How involved are you in sports, as either a participant or a spectator?
Not at all. They bore me silly usually.

4.) Do you have a moral or personal opposition to eating veal or other red meat?
Founding member of People for Eating Tasty Animals.

5.) How private are you – would it drive you batty if I blogged about a conversation we had or something you did that I thought was sexy?
Blog all you want, but if I do something wrong, you have to wait until after we work it out, and write about the solution as well.

6.) What is the difference, to you, between lying by stating a falsehood and lying by omission?
Lying by omission is usually defined as witholding information from someone either to avoid implicating oneself, or to save someone else the pain of knowledge. Best avoided whenever possible.

7.) If a fairy godmother gave you the choice of any material item with price being no object, on the condition you couldn’t sell it or give it away, what would you choose?
How about the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving…

8.) What type of pet do you have or would you choose?

9.) What is your criteria for choosing to become sexual with someone, and what are your sexual deal-breakers?
Combination of mental and physical stimulation usually, but there have been instances of chemistry gone awry. Deal breakers include lying, drug use, manipulation and unsafe sex practices.

10.) Religion, spirituality, or both?
Maybe a little spiritual, but not serious about it.

11.) What are a few of your biggest pet peeves?
People who sit around and whine about stuff without taking steps to fix it. If you want to bitch, you have to try to change it. I also have issues with people who simply don’t bother to take the time to educate themselves about their daily life, expecting someone else to lead them through safely or otherwise watch over them. The kinda people who need the warning labels on household goods, like “coffee will be hot”.

12.) Describe what “family” means to you.
“family” (lower-case ‘f’) are those folks who happen to be genetically related to me. “Family” (capital ‘F’) are those people whose opinions I value and trust beyond the point of friendship, the ones I can count on no matter what. I’m lucky in that I can include a large number of the former in with the latter.

13.) What would entice you to move out of the immediate area?
Nothing. I’ve seen enough of the country to know I don’t want to live anywhere else.

14.) Favorite musical artists?
Danny Elfman, Rush, Led Zepplin, there are many more.

15.) What are your passions, the serious and the silly?
Learning. Life is an education, and it is my duty to get as much out of it as I can. I suppose the silly side would have to be just goofing off in general. Who says growing up means you have to stop playing?

Must be my lucky week

Posted in Work on June 15th, 2004

Well, that work-from-home tech support company finally got around to calling me back for a phone interview, and that one went pretty smoothly too. They shot several situations at me and liked the way I handled things, so I think I can expect an offer from them. I did ask about their call averages, and they say 3 to 6 billable hours a day is common, which means that I could make a decent living doing this on it’s own, plus whatever biz I can drum up for my own company.

Maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket…

Gee, that didn’t take long

Posted in Work on June 15th, 2004

Just got back from my first interview since being laid off back in March. The interviewer is a fairly large corporation doing a bunch of computer stuff, from basic repairs to full builds, with educational and government supply contracts. (At least I know they’ll be around for a while.)

The interview went well, but it was pretty short. More of a preliminary interview to see whether or not they should keep my resume for round two. I’ve said before that I have been hired every time I’ve been interviewed, but I think this time I have only gotten myself the second interview.

Here’s hoping!