June 2004


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Weekend Update

Posted in Life on June 13th, 2004

Well, that was mostly a bust.

Went to the Kriegstreiber Tournament this weekend out at Milo McIver state park. A pretty small event, it only attracted 4 or 5 merchants, and not enough cars to fill the parking lot, despite the Royal presence.

Friday was a quiet night, since we arrived after 8pm, and it was just the four of us in the Fabritzio camp, quite a small turnout for us.

Saturday’s weather couldn’t decide what to do with itself. The morning started overcast, then the sun came out for a couple hours, so we went wandering around to see what was out there. Like I said above, not much. It wasn’t long before I was forcibly reminded of the opportunistic drives of plant life: we had had enough sun for everything around us to send off about a billion spores of pollen, and my allergies hit me full force.

Later on that evening, we found ourselves huddled up in our cloaks playing Gin Rummy as the lightenss behind the clouds faded (AKA the sun set), we realized there were much better things we could be doing elsewhere, rather than shivering in the dark playing cards. An hour later, we were on the road home.

That’s the benefit of a local event, I suppose.