June 2004


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Archive for June 16th, 2004

Do the happy dance!

Posted in Work on June 16th, 2004

I am now officially a Geek (As if I needed any outside confirmation!)

I just took a call from my new employers at the tech-support hotline, and the contract package is wending it’s way through the Net to my inbox as I type this. It will be good to be working again!

This job will by no means be permanent, but it beats the hell out of sucking Unenployment’s hind teat any longer than I absolutely have to. Although, since this is a contractor spot, I will still be able to classify this work as ‘self-employment’, which does not immediately discontinue my benefits. (I’ll stop them once real money starts coming in.)

Of course, with any real luck at all, that other company will call me back for regular ole employee work fixing computers.

Still, I say unto you, “wahoo!”

Firefox 0.9 is out!

Posted in Geekery on June 16th, 2004

That was pretty quick – the folks over at the Mozilla Foundation decided the 0.9 pre-release only needed minor tweaking, because they posted the full 0.9 release not too long ago.

New for this version is a handy profile importer that correctly imported all of my bookmarks and saved passwords with no fuss and an updated default theme. Getting a new theme and extensions was quick and easy, much more streamlined than last time around.

They’re claiming a 3% speed increase, but I’m not alert enough to measure that small a chunk of time. It seems quicker, though, as I mess around with it. Don’t take my word for it folks – go get it and try it for yourself.

Happy surfing!