June 2004


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Archive for June 9th, 2004

Camping tips for the city dweller

Posted in Humor on June 9th, 2004

Because Kylanath asked:

Things to take camping

  • Tent
  • Rain-fly or tarp for the tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Water
  • Something to cook
  • Something to cook it in
  • Fire or something else to cook it on
  • Something that doesn’t need to be cooked for when you can’t get the fire lit.
  • Something to eat it with
  • Socks!! Lots of socks!
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Sunblock if clothing isn’t appropriate
  • Towell. Maybe two.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Painkiller for when you bash your finger pounding in tent stakes. (Booze is good for this.)
  • First-aid kit for when you nearly slice off a digit trying to open a can of beans with a bootknife because you forgot the silly can opener. (Booze is not good for this.)
  • Something to do in the tent for when the air has only slightly less water in it than the lake.
  • Flashlights for those after-dark nature calls
  • Charmin so you don’t get poison oak on your tender bits because you improvised.
  • A picture of poison oak so you can recognise it, before you improvise.
  • A shovel. (Cats bury theirs, you can bury yours.)
  • A scary story, a song or other spoken entertainment. C’mon, it’s a tradition.

That may be a bit much for some situations, but over 20 years of camping has given me a pretty good idea. Enjoy!

This is surprising

Posted in Geekery on June 9th, 2004

So, what does the Wolfey-guy do late at night when he’s bored, can’t sleep, and is tired of reading other peoples’ blogs? He does a little bit of ego-surfing and checks his server logs.

I must say, I was surprised at how much traffic I’ve been getting. I remember looking at the logs several months after I started the Diary-X journal and being happy to see more than ten hits a day, but now (for the past three weeks, anyway) I’ve been averaging about 75 hits a day, after you subtract the ones generated by my own site maintenance and postings. Average page hits are under two, so folks aren’t digging through the archives, but they’re reading the main entries.

Greyduck gets the booby prize for biggest referrer, with over half of all the hits coming from his domain. Thanks for the link, roomie! (Sorry, but the ‘booby’ in question will have to remain metaphorical.) Conspicuously absent, however, were referrals from a site I’ve been affiliated with for quite some time – turns out, they’ve removed the link. Can’t please everybody, I suppose.

What I’m really wondering is where the heck the referral from nude celebrity blogs came from. I think somebody is very confused.