December 2004


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I love the holiday spirit NewsFlash – Man shot to death outside Portland department store

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A man was shot to death outside a busy downtown department store Thursday in front of horrified holiday shoppers and a suspect was quickly arrested, police said.

In other news, my son The Ratboy was almost mugged after walking a friend of his home early this morning.

A man jumped out of the shadows at him, brandished a knife and proclaimed “Give me your wallet!” Ratboy, being 16 and indestructable, said “Fuck you!” and clobbered the guy.

Ratboy has had lessons from experienced people in the fine art of clobbering, and the guy went down, but recovered quickly enough to score a kick to Ratboy’s stomach. He was prepared for it though, and went through with his goal of stomping on the assailant’s knife hand. Crunchy noises were heard, and he dropped the knife. Ratboy finished up with a kick to his assailant’s head, then beat feet home.

Aside from adrenaline after-affects and a sore belly, he appears to be ok. Didn’t even break his hand, despite a solid punch to the man’s face.

One reply to “I love the holiday spirit”

  1. nic Says:

    did you read the last bit of that article? “The last fatal shooting downtown was in March 2002, when a man killed a fellow methadone patient near the same transit mall and was chased by a crowd of witnesses.” I just love that last bit.