December 2004


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Another fun Friday

Posted in Life on December 10th, 2004

Well, the weekend got off to a rather rocky start today, since Pook had gotten sick during the night. Of course, she hasn’t learned to sense these things yet and didn’t make it to the loo, so the first step this morning was to hit the carpet with cleaner. Then again after I got out of my shower, the poor dear.

So, I called in to class and took care of her here, since the EMC is currently sick and her husband can’t take care of the both of them on his own while working. Pook was feeling much better by lunchtime, but obviously tired – I’m betting she slept pretty lousily last night. She napped out at 3 or so on the way to the EMC’s to grab some more clothes for the weekend, and again once we got home. In fact, she’s still zonked on the couch as I type.

I didn’t manage to get much in the way of job hunting today – I napped out myself for an hour or so at 10am. I did manage to get an email off to one of the conselors at class who has an in with Clackamas county – that’s two so far, since BtFR knows the guys over at CC Sheriff’s Ofc. I have been directing just about every erg of energy I have into visualizing me getting this job – spent an hour or so today researching the laptops they use; I’ll be delving into the software over the weekend.

Now, I just have to find the homes of the hiring committee and plant subliminal messaging devices near their beds so I can whisper in their ears as they sleep. ;)