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Obligatory Year-End Summary:

Posted in Life on December 31st, 2004

The New Year is fast approaching, and it seems a likely time to sit down and look back at what has shaped my life this past year.

The Bad
Lost my job.
Major breakup.
My brother got wounded in said war.
My fellow Americans not only re-elected an idiot, the idiocy went further to add discriminatory language to my State’s Constitution.
I was forced to go on public assistance to feed my kids.

The Good
Built a decent relationship with a great woman.
My brother was only wounded, not killed.
My kids are healthy and happy and not doing stupid things.
I got by financially, despite everything, with nothing worse than a couple late fees.
I got an “11th hour” job.
I still live in a nice house, in a neighborhood where I don’t feel the need to bring weapons with me when I walk the street.
I know for a fact that my son has learned to handle himself in tense situations and come home in one piece.
My ex didn’t move herself and my daughter 6 hours away.

At this point, the good numerically outnumbers the bad, so I feel I can safely say it was a good year. This next year will be off to a rocky start for me, but should even out into something better by summer time. Now for the tricky part:

In the coming year, I resolve to get at least the CompTIA A+ and Microshaft MCP certifications, the lack of which severely hampered my job-search for the past 9 months.

This past year has reminded me how to live well on a slim budget. In the coming year, I resolve to remember this and make better use of my surplus income by developing a savings plan of some sort to defend against the possible repeat of last year.

I resolve to be less selfish.

I resolve to learn something new whenever possible.

(Ok, that last one is kind of a cop-out…give a guy a break, eh?)

End last post of 2004.