December 2004


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Posted in Life on December 12th, 2004

Women have probably had this happen to them more often than the other-way-’round, but it does happen to us guys too. There you are, sitting at home minding your own business when the phone rings unexpectedly. You answer it, and inside of three seconds you know for certain that the caller is of the opposite sex, they are lonely, and they are drunk. And no, you do not have an interest in them romantically.

Tonight’s call was from one of the gals in the job-search class I am in, ostensibly calling me so that I could inform the proper people tomorow that she may not be there because she has a viciously sparained ankle. Being the organized slob that I am, some quick paper-shuffling finds me the number she is supposed to call, and I think I’m in the clear.

No such luck. She goes on for a few minutes about how surprised she was to not find me Friday (I was home tending to a sick Pookster) because we’ve both had a perfect attendance so far and how much she missed me. (Groan) I explain why I was gone, and almost have her off the phone when she suddenly zooms back to high-school days and says “oh wait, someone else wants to meet you” and hands the phone off. (Groan again)

I now find myself talking to her 14-year-old daughter. (what the…?!)

She at least, is not drunk, and seems to be familiar with these circumstances. Over the next minute or so, however, I realize that this girl’s mother has been going on about me to all of her friends and family for the past couple of weeks. (Groan the third) On top of that, when the phone gets handed back to the gal in question, she goes on about how her roomate is going to get them internet service, and I just have to come over and set it up for them.

Kill me now.