November 2005


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How ’bout that weather we’re having?

As I sit here listenning to my nipples freezing up and cracking, I have to wonder: who the fuck authorized all this cold weather? I didn’t vet this. Clerk!!

Of course, it doesn’t help me any that Ratboy is of the firm belief that his comfort is paramount to everyone else’s. Since he runs warmer than the rest of us, this is a problem – I’ve caught him twice this week with a fan in his window letting out all my expensive heat. His response? “Well, turn the thermostat down to 60 so I’m comfortable.”

Can’t. Strangle. Children.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in homes with wood heat, which means that it was always cold in the mornings. To hell with that – I will keep my house to a temperature where it is not unreasonable to walk around the house barefoot.

In other news, tommorow night is the annual Trans-Siberian Orchestra show, and I am again looking forward to it. Yeah, it will probably be the same show as the last two years – so what? How many people see the Nutcracker every year? I can’t stand ballet (unless it’s my daughter.)

Yup, outta steam again…

Because I have been working my ass off around really screwy schedules and not getting any kind of acknowledgement from my boss. I don’t think he’s ever going to get the business where he wants it to be because he continues to think like a small business owner and not a corporate executive.

He’s been taking jobs lately that have us working weekends, but instead of being nice and throwing us some overtime, he gives us days off in the mid-week to compensate. Nor is he charging a premium for the weekend shifts, or paying for all of the travel time we incur. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here wondering how I’m going to juggle the finances so I can get my kids something for Christmas.

(Insert sound of me roaring in frustration here.)
End Rant.

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