November 2005


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Weekend Update

Posted in Life on November 14th, 2005

Time for a stream-of-consciousness post kids. Hang on to something…

Moderately-crappy workday turns into free parking downtown and giving the GF a ride home from work, where she mixes up good eats whilst I wash dishes. I’m a good boy, I work for my supper.

Again, I either need longer days or a third weekend-day added to the calendar. Not enough time to do all the things I want. Ok, I’ll settle for building another bedroom into my house. Or somewhere Pookie can watch Fraggle Rock without me. It could have been worse, at least she doesn’t have that stupid Amanda Show DVD anymore.

Went through and re-did the crappy wiring job on The Beastie’s stereo, maybe it will stop dropping the left channel now. And the power.

Speaking of re-works, blew out the SuSE install again, this time it didn’t crash when I upgraded KDE to 3.5 beta. Arts still sucks. And I can’t get Scorched 3D to run. I’ll have to mess with that symlink sometime…

AMV Hell: The Movie. Watch it. DBZ overlaid with Whitney Houston. Just try not to snort your soda.

A note to innie-to-outtie transexuals: stright boys don’t wear cute shoes. You paid the money for the transformation, follow through with it. Oi.