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Recipe for an evening wit Da Boys:

Posted in Geekery on November 28th, 2005

Take 1 Honey Baked Ham, add mashed taters and yams, garnish with fresh-made cranberry sauce. Fresh veggies with ranch dip for appetizers.

Blow shit up on your computers for next three hours.

Ahh. Sunday afternoon happiness.

This is our second run with the new MekTek 3.0 patch, which was raised to bugfix version 3.0.1 recently. Changes include Inner Sphere weapons getting shorter reload times to offset the extra tonnage.

New weapons include a massive railgun, which takes up 7 slots of space – currently, there are only two mechs that can mount it: the Behemoth II and the Marauder II. The gun rides as a dorsal mount, and does 56 damage every 10 seconds. If used properly, it will knock down an Atlas.


For those who like energy mounts to go with your insanely overpowered ballistics, take the Behemoth. For bullet-gunners like myself, you’ll prefer the Marauder.

Other changes include a new variation on the Omni weapon mount: the “Direct-Fire” slot, which will take any non-missile weapon. This breathes a little new life into several mechs I had not looked at before. (I hate trying to manage heat, I just want something to go boom whenever I pull the trigger.)

Some of the new ‘Mechs don’t really even qualify as ‘Mechs – I’m talking about the Elementals. This patch brings out a dozen or so Battle Armors, with a new bunch of weapons to outfit them with. Want a challenge? Take six of these out against a pair of assault ‘Mechs. It gets messy, since these guys tip the scales at a measly 20 tons, and can be squished like tanks.

In all, three hearty cheers to the fine folks over at MekTek for continuing to provide excellent content and variations to a solid game. And they do it for FREE! You – go donate now!