November 2004


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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

I’ve been getting alot of spam comments for the past couple of days, and deleting them all from the ‘awaiting moderation’ list has become annoying. Over the next few days, I will be trying a few new techniques to determine the best blocks and deleters. For the two or three of you that actually leave worthwhile comments, I hope this won’t make things screwy for you. To prevent screwups, here’s the comments rules:

  • 1: You don’t have to agree with me to get your comment posted. I’m a big boy now, and can stand a little honest discussion. Vitriolic, hateful comments, however, will be roasted, and I will invite all my friends to chop your ego to shreds as you so richly deserve. You have been warned.
  • 2: Any reference to AOL in either email or URL fields will get your comment promptly deleted – if you aren’t smart enough to get a real ISP, you don’t get to talk to me. Plllbbbt.
  • 3: You may post a single link in the text of your comment, provided that the target is on-topic. Multiple links will get you deleted, and multiple comments to post additional links will get you deleted as well. If you really need to tell me about several sites at once, either post about it in your blog with a link to said page here, or email them to me, and I may write a follow-up post with the additional links.
  • 4: Blogwars: if you feel I have completely mispoken myself and wish to roast me at length, feel free to do so and leave a link to your article on my comments. I enjoy a lively debate.

There you have it. So, how am I enforcing this? Well, I have installed what the author calls “weapons-grade plutonium in the fight against SPAM”. This handy plugin deletes any comment that gets held for moderation. How do you get moderated? Well, too many links, common spam words in your comment, or anything else that pisses me off gets your comment moderated, and then the plugin deletes it.

So, if your comment never shows up, well, guess what: time to re-think it.

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