November 2004


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Posted in Life on November 14th, 2004

Today was one of those days when you simply cannot get up the enthusiasm to do anything. For instance, I noticed we were low on kool-aid mix and out of lighter flints, so Pookie and I walked down to the store. We walked because it would take longer, not for any desire to get outside and enjoy the fact that it wasn’t raining.

(Note: Safeway does not carry flints.)

With nothing else to do, we wandered over to the video store and cruised through the stacks for another half-hour or so, and came up with a Batman and a Scooby-Doo. (For me and her, respectively.)

Dinner? That was popcorn. Yeah – that kinda no-enthusiasm. I’ve got leftover steaks, fer chrissakes, and I made popcorn because it was easier. Open nuker. Toss in bag. Close nuker. Hit ‘popcorn’. Watch it spin…

Major accomplishment for the day? Convincing the Linux version of Firefox that yes indeed, I do have java installed, now load up that damn jewel-matching game, ya tosser! Thank DOC that Firefox finally went 1.0, now I can stop upgrading the damn thing.

I did manage to catch my mother online, and set up the preliminary bits of going down to GP for Thanksgiving. She is hyped about that – it’s been over a year I think since she’s seen the kids, and with any luck my little brother will be home on leave. Quite the reunion – she said she’ll try to con Grampa into coming up, too.

I suppose it’s time to burn a disc of updated drivers and whatnot for mom now. What I really need to remember to do is take some damn pictures of the kids for mom. My roomie even has a digicam, and I can just never remember to grab pix…