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Who said you could leave?

Posted in Politics on November 11th, 2004

There’s been a lot of talk flying around lately about Americans wanting to emmigrate to other countries because Bush got another four years.

Who the fuck said you could quit? Where in the Constitution does it say “run away when things get tough”?

*For those who did not realize it, the Secession post I wrote earlier was sarcasm.*

Like it or not, this is still the only nation in the world where you truly have the right to an opinion and the right to voice it. For over TWO HUNDRED YEARS this nation has been a bastion of democracy and human rights, and you want to leave just because some nitwit managed to get control for eight years? Eight measly years? When people have been fleeing the likes of Castro and other REAL assholes for decades, you want to run away because you have to put up with Dubya until ’08.

Since the founding of this nation, millions of your fellow Americans have fought, bled and died for your rights, for your freedom, and you want to leave because you lost two elections, and the man who won will be gone in four years.


You don’t like the way the country is being run? Well, sit your ass back down, get informed, and for fuck’s sake DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT other than just voting on election day. Call or write your government and bitch-slap them for not doing their job. Run for an office you believe in. Get in touch with the leaders of whatever political party you follow and ask them what you can do to make this a better place.

Like the man said: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you: Ask what you can do for your country!”

And do it quick, before JFK drills a hole to China by spinning in his grave.