November 2004


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He conceded.

From a political standpoint, I can see why he did it: to forestall a possibly ugly bout of recounts and animosity from the sitting President.

It still irritates me though, since Ohio is STILL sitting out there, with 20 fat EVs up for grabs in a race that everyone was calling “too close to call”. So now we have to deal with another four years of Bush, another four years of tax cuts for the rich, tax breaks to companies who outsource jobs overseas, and a very real possibility of a reduction in women’s rights. And let’s not forget how American travellers overseas get spit on by complete strangers.

It seems that both the issues I felt strongest about this year have been defeated, and I’m pretty disappointed in my fellow Americans for not seeing what is to me amazingly logical.

I highly recommend that every American sit down and read what Thomas Jefferson had to say about the governing of a country. If we could all do that, maybe we could get some things straightened out.

Herr Gropenfuhrer did, and look how well he’s doing. Vetoed driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and passed stem cell research. Go Arnie!

Pardon me while I write a couple of rather pointed letters to the President and the head of the Democratic party.

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