November 2004


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what to do

It occurs to me that in the next few days, roughly half the nation is going to be disappointed in who won the election. That’s the way these things go. One person wins, and the other goes and does something else.

It doesn’t end there, though. Not by a longshot.

Too many people only come out of hiding for the elections, and then retreat into their little shell. That doesn’t work. If the winner isn’t your choice, don’t just sit back and say “well, I didn’t vote for him!” Use the tools available to you as an American citizen to speak out about your views and desires for your Country. Contact your Representatives and your local politicians, hell, write to the Prez himself. It is not only your right as an American, it is your solemn duty.

The rest of the world refers to us as “those loudmouth Americans”. Well, be a loudmouth! Debate your position! Write letters, make phone calls, be an activist!

And whatever you do, don’t ever let me catch you moaning about how things are if you aren’t calling, writing or debating – I will not hesitate to bitch-slap you. American Democracy means you have the right and ability to tell your government how you want them to do their jobs. THEY work for YOU, so get off your ass and tell them about it.

America is no place for whiners.

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