August 2004


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Up on my soapbox reports that there is a PUBLIC school in Marshalltown, Iowa that is part of a ‘pilot program’ that teaches children in English for half the day and Spanish the other half. They recently rejected the application of a second-grade girl because she doesn’t speak any Spanish.

That’s right, boys and girls, this is a public school, supposed to be open to all citizens of the appropriate age.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little tired of the way this country has been stomping all over itself in the mad rush to coddle immigrants. I’m tired of seeing official mail from my son’s school and government offices written in languages other than English.. I nearly blew my freaking top when I heard the government officially recognize “ebonics” as a language. (If you listen closely folks, it’s badly pronounced and mongrelized English. Mangled to hell, but English. Kinda like that crap they speak up in the Ozarks and New England.)

I’m tired of seeing skilled jobsets outsourced overseas because it’s cheaper. Like mine. I’m tired of going to the unemployment office because of this and seeing a line of folks who barely speak English collecting checks. And I am REALLY tired of listening to immigrants say how things were so much better in the Old Country. If it was so much better, then why are you still fucking here?

You know why it’s cheaper to outsource? Because the rest of the world doesn’t have to pay six times to print all of it’s documentation in six different languages. Because the rest of the world doesn’t fall all over itself to put immigrants on welfare within ten minutes of them crossing the border. Because the rest of the world requires their immigrants to actually work for a fucking living. And you can be damn sure that you will not find employment overseas unless you speak the fucking language – and I mean more than just “where’s the bathroom.” Yeah, many of them speak English as a second language, but you still won’t get a job unless you can speak their language like your first.

This Nation was built by people who couldn’t make it work wherever they came from. The walls at Ellis Island alone could tell stories for the next hundred years about folks who immigrated here with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and history shows us that they got off their asses and worked like hell to make it work – and they did. They built a helluva Nation.

Now, they don’t have to work for it. We put ’em on the dole. We hire bilingual people to teach their children for them. We give them discounts on their housing costs. We have entire sections of government and private sector in place to make America feel like home for them. Not a new home, rather they try to make it feel like the one they just left. One wonders how many billions of dollars in taxpayer money we could save if we simply said “you must speak English in America. If you don’t want to learn the language, hire your own fucking translator.”

My question is this: who turned off the burner under the melting pot? We’re not making stew here anymore, folks – we’re just washing vegetables.

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