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Gunshots wound 5 at party

Posted in Life on August 2nd, 2004

Here’s The Oregonian’s article on the shooting last night:

Five people were wounded — one seriously — during an early-morning incident involving multiple gunshots today at a private hip-hop party in Northeast Portland.

Portland police reported shots being fired at 12:36 a.m. at 332 N.E. San Rafael Ave., a building that is rented for private parties and music events. The most serious injury was suffered by a 21-year-old pregnant woman who was shot in the lower back. She was listed in serious condition at Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center.

Brian Schmautz, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman, said that an officer in the vicinity heard shots fired at 12:36 a.m. and that a 9-1-1 emergency call was received a minute later.

“Early indications are that there could have been more than a dozen rounds fired in a short time,” Schmautz said. He said because of the number of people at the scene and the number of injuries, police did not determine immediately whether shots had been fired in more than one direction.

Among the less-serious injuries, Schmautz said one victim was hit in the left shoulder, two in the buttocks and one in an ankle. Names of all victims, age 18 to 26, were being withheld until police had a chance to interview them.

Schmautz said the scene of the shooting is known as the International Club and is rented for private parties and shows. He said tickets had been required for admission to the Sunday night event that ended with the shooting.

You heard it here first

Posted in Life on August 2nd, 2004

At roughly 00:35 this morning, I was sitting downstairs watching Bil Engval on Comedy Central when I heard a VERY distinctive sound: that of someone firing off a number of 9mm (or smaller) rounds, a short pause, and then three more.

I’m not sure how many there were, and after talking with some of my neighbors down the street I may have heard an odd echo of the actual firing sequence, but the fact remains that the russian club behind the dojo across the street from me was the scene of a shooting today.

There are currently many cops in the area plus at least one chopper over head. You’ll probably need to read the paper to get a more detailed account.

The interesting thing is that I went down to the 76 station for a fresh pack of smokes afterward and talked to the attendant about it. He had been called in to work about an hour previous because the scheduled person “had a bad feeling about tonight” and called in sick. Just before the shooting happened, three girls pulled into the station for gas, all saying they left the club due to a “sick feeling in their stomach”.

Psychic phenomena or coincidence? I couldn’t say. I can say that this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered similar reactions minutes before extreme violence broke out. Listen to your gut, folks, nad keep your head down when driving on MLK.