August 2004


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…and I’ll ramble on…

So the job search continues on, with little sign of any interest on any of the thirteen-some-odd fronts I have been searching. There’s a job fair up at the zoo in a coupe weeks, maybe I can get a couple bites from that. The ideas keep churning though – the most recent being a shop in a recently vacated corner store down the street from me. A rather nice location for my computer business, if I could scrape together some 60 large in startup scratch.

The Ratboy is all registered for the upcoming school year, and I even managed to convince him to wear a nice shirt and the hint of a smile for pictures! This of course didn’t help any, since he neglected to bring a comb and the rain on the way to the school obliterated anything that might have resembled a hairstyle. Still, it beats the cold “I’m too cool for this shit” blah expression of last year. Of course, it might have helped that I gave all of last year’s pictures to his friends so they could give him shit about them.

The back to school season is always a bit of a trial for me, since I have this thing for office supplies. I have a helluva time getting out of the stores without an extra bag of goodies like pens, pencils and notebooks. Notebooks are the worst – at one point, I had 4 in my backpack. It got too hard to find which one I jotted stuff down in, so I had to limit myself to one. With sections, of course.

I am currently swimming in CD-R media. My best girl decided she wanted me to burn some compilation discs for her, so she thought to provide the media. As it happens, Office Max was having a 2-for-1 sale on 100 disk spindles. I guess she has some serious listening needs. Speaking of which, time for a little jazz. The “Ultra Lounge” series from Capitol Records, Volume 4: Bachellor Pad Royale. “Midnight Music for Cool Cats!” as they proclaim on the cover. Have I mentioned that my best girl works at the Library?

Ok, that’s enough documentation for one day. Time to screw off.

One reply to “…and I’ll ramble on…”

  1. Kylanath Says:

    200 cds for listening needs? *smirk* Those can be filled up easily. There’s always room for music *grin*