August 2007


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Apparently Jesus prefers Bud

I stopped in to fill up the tank and get a drink after work yesterday and noticed that the mini-mart had removed a rack of goodies and replaced it with a huge Budweiser display and a couple stand-alone knick-knack racks. Then I looked closely and saw this:

The shirt off his back

You’ll have to forgive the lousy picture (camera phone), but if you look closely you will see that it is one of those t-shirt racks that has a picture of the shirt next to the bin. Look even closer, and you will see that the entire thing is devoted to shirts extoling the virtues of Christ, done up to look like trendy shirts that you see hipster kids on Hawthorne wearing.

No shit – one of them even duplicates the Starbucks logo “Sacrificed…for your sins”

Needless to say, this gave me a serious WTF?!? moment. It got worse, however, when I went up to the counter and saw the ‘Royal Blunts’ rolling tubes (which no-one has ever used for tobacco – note the website), the big rack of ‘Energy’ pills (otherwise known as OTC speed) and the (I am really not making this up) “Screaming O” brand vibrating condom rings. And don’t forget all the beer next to the shirt rack.

Apparently, their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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