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Transformers attack my carpet!

Posted in Life on August 1st, 2007

I was looking at my living room the other day and realized that the current vacuum at Chez Wolfe was just not cutting it. Between my hair and Zoe’s, that poor old Royal was choking out. So, off I went to Stark’s Vacuums on Grand.

I’ve been drooling over the Dyson models, just because I appreciate fine engineering when I see it, but am a bit shy about dropping a minimum of $400 on a house-cleaning tool – no matter how well-engineered it may be. I explained this to my friendly sales rep, and laid out my requirements for a new machine:

  • Bagless
  • HEPA filter
  • Upright with onboard tools and extension hose
  • Powerful enough to dig the cat hair out of shag
  • Less expensive than a Dyson

I can’t remember the gent’s name, but his face kind of fell at that point because they don’t carry much in the way of bagless vacs other than Dysons. I was walking out the door when I spotted this funky looking Hoover: the Z upright.

The idea behind it is really kinda funky – it is a crossover vac. It folds in half from what you see in the picture so that it sits like a canister. The handle pops off and becomes the hose attachment point, and it comes with an extension and a brushless hard-floor tool. Or, stand it up and use it like a regular upright vac. A panel opens up on the side to reveal the cord and tool storage, and all the settings are electronic so it’s dead easy to operate.

We gave it a quick test on the sales floor and it looked like it would do the job. The real selling point, however, was that it was on sale for $139. Sold!

The final verdict: my carpets are now clean and biege, instead of dirty and black from cat hair. The cat, of course, is pissed, because she had put all that effort into shedding all over everything and now she has to start all over again :)