February 2007


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Aah, the wonders of Vista…


So I get assigned a work order to set up a new laptop at a client’s. I show up, fire it up, and …shit. It’s running Vista.

So, I spent a full day back-and-forth with tech support from their developers upgrading the applications to the latest version and tweaking, poking, prodding and generally swearing at this laptop to come to the foregone conclusion:

Nuke it back to XP. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Da Wolfie:“So, why did you guys order a Vista laptop?”
Clueless Client: “We just wanted the latest and greatest!”
DW: “Did you think for a second that the 4 absolutely-must-work-applications you guys use might not work with Vista yet?”
CC: “Well, Vista is backwards-compatible, right?”
DW: “Not so much, no.”
CC: “You’re kidding me.”
DW: “Nope.”
CC: “…”
DW: “Vista was built from the ground up to be different than XP, in a supposed effort to give us more functionality and security. What this means is that hardly any existing software will run on it, and any new versions will have to be re-built from the ground up to work with Vista.”
CC: “That sucks!”
DW: “It gets worse.”
CC: “!!”
DW: “Do you really think that your software developers are going to put in all those hours to re-write their applications from the ground up and then offer it as a free upgrade?”
CC: “Oh shit.”
DW: “That’s right. You’re going to have to buy NEW copies of everything you use. All at once. For the whole office, because you know that shit won’t be backwards-compatible either.”
CC: “But…but…WHY?!?”
DW: “Billy-boy thought his money was getting lonely?”


At another end of the “being the guinea pig” spectrum, I have installed the full production version of Vista on my spare hard drive so that I can use it as a target for the latest version of the “migrate all yer shit to Vista” software packages available. While I was at it, I figured I would install some games.

Well, try to , anyway.

Not having so much luck there. Ok. They installed fine, it was just when I tried to run them that they crashed.

Color me unimpressed.

So, again I say that the only thing you can run on Vista is a web browser and office 2007.

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