February 2007


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Just tell me it’s not a double-Rimmer…

So, I did take the SBS Exam last Friday, and passed! WooHoo, 788 out of 700 needed!! YAY! Now I get to learn the Secret Handshake!

More importantly, it means my boss didn’t waste money on business cards, as he already bought me a box with the “MCP” tacked-on at the end of my name. So now everything is all official-like, and I can truthfully call myself a Network Engineer and a Small Business Specialist.

Of course, I have mixed ideas about that terminology – in my mind, Engineers build stuff like bridges and roads. Me, I just plug stuff in and make it work. “Software Engineer” is truly a travesty of terminology, as these people are Programmers and should be called such. The whole thing just smacks of a PR move.

Now, no offense is intended here, I’m not dissing anyone’s skills. I just think you should call a pot a pot, and not a Heated Surface Meal Preparation Device.

Know whattamean, Verne?

Of course, the major dictionaries and Wikipedia all disagree with me. Shrug.

One reply to “Just tell me it’s not a double-Rimmer…”

  1. Kylanath Says:

    Well, it can’t be called a double-Rimmer if you don’t have an H tacked onto your forehead. And somehow I don’t picture you getting one to tack on anytime soon. *snerk*