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Murder most foul

Posted in Life on October 21st, 2006

The day was perfect – sunny and warm, despite the lack of leaves on the trees, with just a hint of breeze. The Pookster and I sought our prey with care, approaching on foot from downwind. We were amongst them before they knew we were even there.

We chose a likely pair of candidates, and quickly dragged them back to the car and secured them in the trunk. They were so stunned they didn’t even struggle as we hauled them, nor did they scream in fright as we closed the trunk. A perfect nab.

Back at our hideout, we cleared a workspace and laid down newspapers to prevent stains on the furniture and floor. Then we carefully selected our tools – knives, for the most part, but we included some large spoons and a comtainer for the messier parts to come.

The first stroke of the knife is always the hardest, but once you get the blade in, sawing further isn’t that hard. There is almost always that small moment of queasiness, however, when you reach for the spoon, knowing what comes next.

The container was not up to the task, and had to be emptied between victims, but the procedure went smoothly. We are both well-pleased with the results. I had considered something more complicated for my own, but my partner in crime beat me to the punch, so I opted for a more traditional mutilation. She always has been more artistic than I. (The eyebrows on mine are her idea, in fact.)

Click the link to see our handiwork – if you dare!

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