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A rose by any other…

Posted in Life on October 7th, 2006

…will still probably stab your thumb.

Okay, so I’m up way too late reading again, and decide to check blogs before I crash and I notice that Firefox 2.0 RC2 is out. So, clickety-clickety it is installed and now I have to test it. Low and behold, Da Roomie has done a likely meme.

–Sidebar– you ever notice how mispelling a single word can really mess with a meaning? I have a bad habit (as do many others) of spelling and as nad, which turns “Low and behold” into something only a dear friend should do.

I told you I was up late.

Anyway, on with the meme: Namings

1. YOUR SPY NAME: (middle name and current street name)
James San Rafael. Yes, it definitely could have been worse. I used to live down the road from Troll View Road. Then again, there is a “Skywalker Street” in Las Vegas.

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your dadís side, your favorite candy)
Edward KitKat? That would be a no. I should go with “Butterfinger” instead, and go into slapstick.

3. YOUR RAP NAME (first initial of first name, first three or four letters of your last name)
D-Cro. Or should it be D’Cro? D’Plane? Yes, get off that aircraft right now.

4. YOUR GAMER TAG: (a favorite color, a favorite animal)
Black Wolf(e). Yeah, that was tough.

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
James Laguna – as in Laguna Beach, CA

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of motherís maiden name, first 3 letters of your petís Name)
Cro Rcy Zoe. I dare you to say it out loud. It helps to use a bad Engrish accent.

7. JEDI NAME: (middle name spelled backwards, your momís maiden name spelled backwards)
Semaj Ycrep. Sounds like a symptom of some nasty disease. Please get me penicillin.

8. PORN STAR NAME: (first petís name, the street you grew up on)
Hmm…first pet was a female Elkhound named Gretchen. We’ll go with her pup and say it was Barney Hamilton.

9. SUPERHERO NAME: (ĒTheĒ, your favorite color, the automobile your dad drives)
The Black Kenworth. I am a semi-hero. Beware my 18 Wheels of Justice!

10. YOUR ACTION HERO NAME: (first name of the main character in the last film you watched, last food you ate)
Scooby Tacos. (Pookie and I watched a Scooby-Do cartoon movie.) Prior to that was Tomb Raider, so then we have Lara Tacos. Mmmmm…Lara Tacos…