April 2006


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Saturday musings

I was looking around for something to write about, and ran across a meme over at Frizzen Sparks – “6 Weird Things About Me”. Huh. Not a bad idea…so what have I got?

1.) I was once offered a job as a sniper, back when Boznia-Herzogovina was the hot LZ. The job didn’t pay enough for the risks involved.

2.) I have a strange knack for walking up to the most broken-down computer in any room at random, and having it break in a new and unusual way when I touch it. Handy, considering my profession.

3.) I have a really high tolerance for pain and can absorb quite a bit of physical damage without being overly inconvenienced. Growing up in the woods with an older brother teaches you a few things.

4.) I rarely get sick, something that has seriously offended at least one of my old girlfriends, considering that I smoke, don’t get enough exercise and generally should take better care of myself. (She always had the sniffles, even though she led a very healthy lifestyle and I never even so much as sneezed in her presence.)

5.) Even though I have no real reason to be paranoid about being watched, I often will make a point of picking out the security cameras when entering a building, and then plotting ways in my head to get around them.

6.) I once got so into Fantasy books and role-playing games that I created an alternate symbology for the English alphabet and could read / write it fluently all through high school.

Okay, in the grand scheme of things, nothing really too weird in there after all. Shrug.

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