April 2006


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Earth Day fun

The EMC made a point of telling me there would be a kiddie activity area at an Earth Day celebration going on down at Sellwood Park Saturday, so I took the Pookster down there to see it. It was a beautiful day aside from a chilly breeze, and it was good for the both of us to get outside.

Sellwood Park is a good place to get away to on any sunny day, as they have a lot of open grassy areas and a good playground that’s shaded enough I don’t have to worry that the World’s Whitest Girl will burn her hide off. It’s not the most entertaining place on Earth Day, however.

Sure, the Pookster had a good time and they had a really interesting marching band leading a parade (think Hawthorne freaky kids with tri-tops and brass), but for me there were far too many dirt-lovers present. Now, I’m all for recycling and cleaning up after yourself, but for me, that includes taking a shower at least 4 days out of 5. You would think a group of people dedicated to cleaning up their environment would start at home, you know?

I also can’t understand how the idea of ‘casual clothing’ has somehow mutated into an excuse for a slovenly appearance – generally shapeless and baggy clothing that is so wrinkled it looks like it has been slept in for a number of days has somehow become the norm for the non-business set in a number of areas I am forced to be lately. (The parents at my daughter’s school seem to adhere to this recent trend. I always feel out-of-place because none of my clothes are wrinkled and they all match.)

One of the most disturbing things I saw was the number of younger people (under an estimated 25) sporting a noticeable gut. Not just the guys, but the girls too were wearing what I have heard called a “muffin top” where the belly kind of overflows the pants. Okay, I have a gut, but I’m 34 and don’t get enough exercise. These are people who ride bicycles and dance at drum circles for hours on end, and they’re sporting beer bellies? What the hell are they eating? It makes me wonder if being a vegetarian to them means they can eat nothing but french fries cooked in vegetable oil.

And they wonder why no one outside of Portland really takes them seriously.

One reply to “Earth Day fun”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    Of course your clothes match. “I’m only wearing black until they come up with something darker.” *chuckle*

    Yet, still, yeah… we have a (lame) excuse for being out of shape. (“Round’s a shape, isn’t it?”) What’s their deal?