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Posted in Life on December 31st, 2005

It’s rant time again, folks! You’ve been warned.

For Xmas I bought myself a data cable so I can get the pictures out of my phone without having to pay my celco fifty cents for the priviledge of emailing it to myself. When it arrived, I realized why I got such a cheap deal on it: no bloody software, just the USB drivers.

After several hours of searching, downloading and installing I think 7 different programs to get shit outta my sammy, only two actually worked with my phone. One was pure crippled trialware (look at all the things you could do if you paid for this!) and the other could only access the phone book and text messages.

Suddenly, a ray of light shone out from my browser: deep down in a dark user forum were the words “go to the Samsung support page, and check the downloads.”


That’s right, Mr. Big Bad Techie forgot to look beyond the accessories page to the support pages. And I only spend about two hours a day surfing support pages for my customers.

So now I can gleefully download all of the pictures out of my camera, where I can see…that they really look alot better in the camera’s tiny screen than on my 19″ monitor.

Crap. I may have to get a digicam soon after all. With rechargeable batteries. (I carry a power inverter in the car, so I always have 110V power at hand.)


A while back, the Boss and I got this great idea for implementing SugarCRM at the shop to take the place of our lousy scheduling and contact management routine. I studied the install procedure for days before I finally got a couple of days set aside so I could implement the silly thing.

Once I got started, I ran into the joys of Open-Source software: there’s more than one way to do anything, and much tweaking may be needed. I kept running into stupid little problems that would take an hour or two of research and bashing before I could get to the next problem. The Boss wanted it done before the end of the year, so I was all prepped to take it home over the weekend to bash the thing together and get it working…

Only to find out at the last minute he was pulling me off the project and handing it to our “Lead Tech”. Now, LT lost a couple days worth of pay last week due to illness and wanted a way to make it up, so the Boss was just helping him out by letting him have the project, and he understands my feelings on the subject, but damnit! This was my chance to do something really cool, and it got yanked out from under me. Not only that, now I’m left with no closure because I don’t get to actually get it working.

It’s to the point where I’m tempted to bash together a box out of the spare kit lying around the garage just so I can beat the damn thing.