December 2005


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In Memoriam

Posted in Life on December 15th, 2005

We have terrible news from the home front. Some time in the wee hours night before last, Tweaker, our Resident Rodent, passed into the great Hamster Heaven.

He was found on his wheel, with no apparent cause of death. He was in excellent shape for a hamster, well-fed and he got plenty of exercise spinning that wheel at all hours of the night. I myself saw him running that night before I went to bed, and he seemed fine.

Foul play is not suspected – his habitat has not been tampered with, and the two primary suspects for foul play would have been our feline masters Zoe and Trouble. Zoe has been a housecat for too long to care about any food that doesn’t come from my hands, and Trouble is just too stupid. (Honestly – I have seen this cat stare at tuna in his dish with that “what the hell is this?” look on his face while Zoe is inhaling her share.)

I think it was just his time.

Please take a moment to dig through your MP3 collection for the bagpipe version of “Amazing Grace” and play it in his honor. I think he would have loved to hear cats being tortured.