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Posted in Life on August 26th, 2005

11:30pm, and says it’s 66F outside. Utter bullshit, I assure you. Well, maybe not bullshit, but the fact that the air is absolutely still means that the warmer air in my house (and it gets warmer by the minute) isn’t moving. At. All.

Who in the bloody blue blazes builds a house so weathertight that they fail to include an exhaust system to remove waste heat?

Yet again, another case of “If they had asked ME first…” It was so hot in my house it woke me up at 4am sweating. It’s almost enough to make a ‘Wolfe shave his head.

Then again, it could just be worse for me considering I spent the larger part of the day tucked into an air-conditioned server closet at precisely 67F. That was nice. The fact that I once again got nothing accomplished was not so nice. It seems the antivirus server has become borked, so it came out to go back to the shop for rebuild – along with the two other “spare” machines I will use to Frankenputer something worthwhile out of.

Really, it is necessary. When it takes a full five minutes to reboot a server, things are screwed. Considering that the server in question is a former domain controller that got demoted to simple antivirus chores, this should allow for some streamlining. Too bad we already bought a Windows-based AV suite – it seems like a perfect time to overhaul them into a Linux solution like Clam or Astaro.