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Random Idiocy

Posted in Life on August 21st, 2005

It should be illegal to drive a musclecar at anything less than 105% of the posted speed limit in the fast lane. Yes, I am speaking directly to the nitwit in the Mustang 5.0 headed South on I5 Saturday afternoon. (50 in a 65 zone. In a 5-0. What a maroon.)

When you are driving in the right-hand lane (AKA the merge lane), do not speed up in your stupidly oversize truck so that some poor bastard like me can’t get in front of you, when there is plently of room for me to do so. Especially when you have room to change lanes, you fucktard. Will it really slow you down all that much to let me in?

This is why I don’t own a firearm, people: I live in a target-rich environment.

In an attempt to scout things out before installing a new ceiling fan the EMC gave me for my bedroom, I tripped both of the breakers labled ‘lights’ in my switchbox: the only thing that turned off was the alarm system. Then of course there’s the fact that there are two light fixtures in my room running off of the same switch, so I’ll need to re-route some of the wiring to do it right. I just love electricians.

A note to HR recruiters: do not personally correspond with people you do not intend to call up for an interview. Hullo, tact?

I am even better at interpretting Microsoft verbage than I thought I was. I took the extended job-placement test at a recruiter’s the other day, and one of the tests was on MS Server 2003, an area I have very little training in. The test seemed to be simply phrases extracted from the manual re-phrased as questions, and I was able to correctly guess the answer far more often than I thought I would. Often enough, in fact, to score 10% higher than a large portion of other test-takers.

The other test they had me take was on MS Office support, and the only place I did badly was on the Access portion – a product that Microsoft has yet to realize that nobody uses. (Anyone wanting an actual database uses SQL or D-Base.) I nearly aced the rest of the test. I really need to take some certification tests so people will listen when I say I’m the Techie From Hell.