June 2005


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Let the Subwoofer Wars commence!

Or “Birthday Toys pt. II”

Greyduck and I went down to do some research and birthday shopping at Fry’s this evening after work, and came back with a happy new set of 5.1 speakers for the computer. It came down almost to a coin-toss at the end to decide between an Altec-Lansing rig that was on the demo board and a Logitech rig that had received good reviews, but was not on display. The result? A Logitech X-530 rig. It has an additional 10 watts of power compared to the Altec set, for just $10 more. So, back to Chez Wolfie and 20 minutes or so of rewiring later…

These speakers rock.

Serious room-shaking power, with remarkably clear and precise sound at volume. Yes, there are bigger and badder speakers out there, but for at least double the price. Not to mention I would never get the full use out of a more powerful set – I just don’t turn music up that loud. (I don’t even have an amplifier in my car.) These will do very nicely indeed.

Now we need to play MechWarrior again so I can hear my enemies fry in perfect clarity :)

2 replies to “Let the Subwoofer Wars commence!”

  1. Kylanath Says:

    *chuckle* I don’t even have a CD player in my car, but still have to have an excuse to blast the radio (okay, warm day or not and a good song, I’ll /still/ blast it..)

    So this means geek girl game sounds competes with rumble of Mechwarrior sounds? This could be fun *smirk*

  2. The Cyberwolfe Says:

    Well, considering that when I play Mechwarrior we all do, there really isn’t competition in that direction. It’s more of “is the sound of Greyduck getting whacked with a Gauss Rifle louder from his speakers or mine?”