June 2005


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Foggy head ramblings – you’ve been warned.

Posted in Life on June 12th, 2005

The Good: Loratadine (the active ingredient in Claritin which makes it non-drowsy) is available generically for $0.40 a dose for the 24-hour size.

The Bad: It’s a bad year for allergies.

The Ugly: I tend to build up a tolerance for Loratidine pretty quickly, and I think I’ve already hit it. The only other medication that clears up my allergies (Benadryl) does so by putting me almost to sleep – to the point where I probably shouldn’t be driving. (Those of you that know my driving skills can attest to how bad this is. I can drive anything, anywhere, under any conditions – except when using Benadryl.)

I just have a wierd body chemistry in general. I am immune to the effects of Codeine, which is a pain in the ass when I have to go to the dentist. The novacaine works fine, but Codeine is the preferred after-care prescription for tooth pain. This means I either take a lot of Ibuprofin, or step up to Vicadin. This again almost knocks me out. Handy at bedtime, but only if I get to bed before 10pm, something that hasn’t happened since I got out of high school.

More Good: I will be getting a raise soon.

More Bad: It won’t take effect until the paycheck after next.

Uglier: I still have to make $39 stretch until next payday. Ok, this isn’t so bad, since that $39 is for gas, milk and bread, but rent comes out of the next paycheck, leaving me only a paltry sum as buffer until the following paycheck. All is not bleak since I budget in all my usual suspects just fine, I just hate having less than $100 as buffer – it means I have to pack a lunch every day, which means I occasionaly eat a lunch that is either warm when it should be cold or vise-versa.