May 2005


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Sorry about the silence around here lately, folks, but there hasn’t been much in the way of personal news, and no groundbreaking developments in the world at large for me to bitch about.

The girlfriend is, as always, the best :)

The rugrats are healthy and happy.

The job is, well, a job – it has it’s highs and lows, but it beats the holy hell out of being unemployed. I am at least doing something I like for the most part.

The car gave me some troubles the other day, but was easily repaired. It decided to blow the coolant hoses. Annoying, but not near as bad as it could have been, and the parts only cost $15. I did discover, however, that my AC unit is toast. :(

On the lighter side of things, your favorite Wolfie is turning 33 at the end of this month…

Me? Greedy? Never!

The wish list as of this moment:

Get the transmission fixed on the car. (A big-ticket item I don’t expect.)
A new stereo for the car, one that plays MP3s, with a professional install. (See above. The lousy install job I did plus the excessive use I have put my current unit through has taken it’s toll.)
A new Braun electric razor. (My old one has started making horrendous noizes for some reason.)
Better speakers for the computer. (Curent 25W system includes a subwoofer with 2 satellites)
A VCR/DVD-R combo recorder
A raise. (This one requires that my shop do more business, so feel free to pimp me out *grin*)
Powell’s or Napster gift cards. (Powells has everything, and Napster is the path-of-least-resistance for music downloads.)

Okay, I’ve been greedy enough. Time for bed :)

**Addendum** This. The current model on my hip is somewhere around ten years old, and due for an update.

3 replies to “Apologies”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    Define “better speakers.” For instance, what do you think of the sound out of my 5-channel Altec Lansing rig?

    Just, you know, asking for research purposes. *cough, cough*

  2. The Cyberwolfe Says:

    They sound great – but I don’t have a 5-channel sound card :)

  3. Kylanath Says:

    *chuckle* yeah, what my better half said since my next appearance there won’t be til mid-Juneish.