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More work crap

Posted in Life on May 2nd, 2005

I’m in a strange situation at work. I’m running the East shop and reporting directly to the owner as East Tech. Meanwhile, the guy running the West shop is nominally my manager. This means that those things I need approval on have to go through one or the other. Unfortunately, neither one of them is exactly Johnny on the spot about it – but for different reasons.

The owner is usually running around the world doing site surveys and bids for new work, and therefore rarely someplace I can throw paperwork at him. The manager, however, is usually in the shop – he just can’t organize his time effectively. Case in point: Friday I asked him, while he was sitting at a computer, to take a couple minutes to proof $2000 worth of bids so I could fax them out in a timely manner. I asked him to do this at 10am, and it never got done. I’ll grant him that his shop is busier than mine, but still…it’s getting bad. Part of the problem is that we’ve been on a training schedule for over a month now, with people that can’t handle the workload long enough to get good at it. They keep leaving, one reason or another.

What this all boils down to is that I still get calls from the West shop for me to abandon my post and come help him out. So I’m billing time for his shop and not billing anything for mine. That alone is bound to irritate me, but the way he tells me rather than asking me really gets my goat some days. This guy is not a good manager, and I don’t want to be working for him.

I think it’s time I talked to him about it.