February 2005


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You ever have one of those days where you feel the need to write about something and just draw a blank? Random thoughts fly around in me head, but nothing settles long enough for me to jot it down. I’d drop a few links in here, but I haven’t seen anything worth linking in a while.

Really I’ve just been trying to get myself back into the swing of working a full time job again. Alot of my frustration comes from having to ration my paychecks so closely now – I’m actually taking home less money than when I was on unemployment, and I was spoiled for three years working a good job. I got too used to just buying what I wanted at the grocery store instead of watching every penny and clipping coupons.

And I keep running across little fun things to do, but then saying to myself “when am I going to have the time for that?” I’ll say it again: I want a 30-hour day.

Of course, it would help if the little things would go away to, like my daughter’s viral rash, which then settled into her knee, making it swell up and become very painful. So much so, that I had to cancel a date tonight to go down to the ER with her to make sure it wasn’t something really bad. (It’s not, just time and ibuprofin to heal.)

I suppose things will even out for me once work settles into a bit of a routine. We’re still kind of frantic, and today we got hammered for about an hour with walk-in customers. The incoming shelf is pretty full again as well, so I’m still in the West office part-time to keep up with the work. I’ll end up taking some of it East with me tomorrow, since I have an appointment to meet with a customer at the new shop. With any luck at all, I’ll be on my way there by 10am, more likely it won’t be until 1pm.

On that front, I may or may not have an assistant at this point. We hired a guy for the spot, and he seems to have the knack for the work, but he pulled a bone-headed dissappearing act today without calling in. Not a smart thing to do on your third day of work. We’ll get his story from him at the meeting tomorrow and decide if we can cut him some slack.

Speaking of Slack, I’m thinking about losing SuSE on the laptop here and going with Slackware instead. This seems to be running slower than the difference in hardware should make between my two systems, and I’ve already been stung by RPM hell. I’ll think about it for another day or two and see what comes up.

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