February 2005


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Holy Deductions, Batman!

I am utterly amazed. I have spent the past several hours doing my taxes, and I will actually get money back this year.

(sound of a jaw dropping)

What with my self-employment, un-employment and other miscelleneous crapola, I fully expected to be in the hole, and was just praying for a $0-$0 balance. What I got was a Federal return large enough to cover my State and County taxes plus some extra for the ol’ slosh fund. (That is, the fund from which money to get sloshed on comes from. *grin*) Tip ‘o the fedora goes to TurboTax for the assist on the forms. Of course, I don’t have the cash on hand for the electronic filing, so I’ll have to wait an extra week for the forms to get there in the mail. I did opt for the direct-deposit, though.

Still, just amazed.

Now if only the State could adopt the same taxation forms as the Fed, then I’d get money back all ’round. Too much to ask for, I know.

2 replies to “Holy Deductions, Batman!”

  1. Kylanath Says:

    It’s actually more like a couple weeks longer to wait. Though it took about a month from when I mailed in my taxes and when I got my money deposited, it might be a longer wait now depending on how busy they are… I sent mine in a month ago though. YMMV.

  2. Graumagus Says:

    I’m rather happy this year myself. We usually get some back (we have two kids and claim zero deductions on our income tax during the year).
    Between the state and fed refunds we’re getting like $2600 back this year.
    Tax cuts only for the rich my fat ass….