February 2005


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Enough work

Time for a look at the rest of my life.

The pookster is currently suffering from a nasty post-viral rash that basically just showed up out of the middle of nowhere like one I had back when I was 16 or so. She’s hating it, but it is going away fairly quickly. I think the EMC is hating it more though, since the two of thwm have been pretty much stuck in the house for a few days now.

In happier news, yesterday marked the one-year anniversary for me and my gal – yay! She surprised me with the gift of a new sledgehammer.

Ok, so maybe it only hits like one. What she gave me is a new 20-oz graphite pool cue. It’s on the heavy side of the range (just the way I like it) , and the graphite construction means it has almost no axial compression – every erg of force you put into a shot transfers directly to the cue ball.

So, since we now both have our own cues, it seemed only natural to have dinner at Sam’s Billiards in Hollywood on 42nd Ave. The steaks, of course, were delectable, but nowhere near as delectable as my girl in her red dress. She got quite a few looks as we played.

Sorry boys, but she’s taken :)

One reply to “Enough work”

  1. Kylanath Says:

    Nothin says lovin like a new sledgehammer eh? Okay, so it’s geek toys for me =)