February 2005


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So much for that idea…

It seems I was a bit presumptive in thinking I was going to get any time at all worthwhile in the new shop this week, since every day they keep coming up with new reasons why I am needed at the old one. While the incoming shelf is remarkably low on new work, the field operation has lit up again, and I am once again just fighting to get time in the new place.

I did get the boss to sign off on officially scheduling me in the new shop though, by way of taking on a documentation / paperwork plan we need and scheduling a due date and time to work on it: the Official New Build Checklist. Thankfully, I keep my old copies of MaximumPC around for just such projects.

I also found out today how to get extra cash out of the bossman – if I set up an appointment for our Managed Services guy to meet with a client and he sells them our extended services (which amount to having an IT guy on-site ten hours a month), I get a commission percentage off the account.

So, Greyduck – you say you need some occasional help down there, right?… ;)

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