February 2005


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All systems go!

Okay, maybe they aren’t all ‘go’, but things are shaping up here. And by ‘here’, I mean at the new shop.

I’m firmly ensconced in the basement now, which is going to be weird for me, since it reminds me so much of my garage – but I can’t smoke down here. I keep finding my hand reaching into my pocket for smokes.

Aside from some minor cleanup and organizing, the benches are ready for work, and I even took in my first customer this morning – one of the other guys is on his way over with the drive adapter and storage server I will need to actually do the work on this laptop.

The computer I’m typing on right now is pretty nice though – 3GHz P4 proc, a Gig of RAM, and a snazzy mod case with LED fans and a case window. We definitely won’t have any overheating issues down here due to the chilly temps, but it has all those extra fans just in case. This thing smokes right along, too, but I’ll have to shell out for a new video card on my own if I want to run any games on it after-hours.

All I need now is some nice speakers so I can play the music I brought with me :)

One reply to “All systems go!”

  1. GreyDuck Says:

    Well, I’ve got a pair of speakers that came with Erica’s new computer that you’re welcome to… ;-)